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4 Benefits of Financing a Used Car Through the Dealership

Now that you've made the choice to purchase your next car through a used cars service, you're probably trying to decide how you want to finance it. We offer in-house financing at our dealership, of which there are many benefits.

You Get More Options if Your Credit Is Lacking

If your credit is less than perfect, you probably already know that traditional financing options will be harder to come by. Car dealerships like ours are able to work out better deals for people with lower credit scores, and you can usually refinance to get a better interest rate much sooner than if you received traditional financing.

Our Interest Rates Are Often Lower From the Start

When you finance through us, you won't have to wait a year to get a great interest rate. Since we process so many loans, we can afford to charge lower interest. Banks, on the other hand, don't process as many auto loans, which means they are forced to charge higher interest rates to make any money.

We Have Exclusive Deals

When you finance through us, you'll get access to offers you won't find through traditional sources of financing. Extended financing and lower interest rates are just a couple of the options you could come across. We can often extend your loan for a number of years in comparison with banks, which means smaller monthly payments for you.

It Will Be Easier

Perhaps the best thing about financing your car through the dealership is the ease with which you can do it. Going through a bank takes more time, meaning you wait longer to drive your new car off the lot, something you might not be able to afford to do if you need a car fast.

When you finance through our dealership, you'll be on the road in a great used car in no time. Getting on the road has never been easier than with our used cars service!

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