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4 Facts About Bad Credit Car Loans

Do you have poor credit? Have you filed for bankruptcy? You may think you can't get a car. Well, the truth is you can. There are car dealers who make it easy for people to get a bad credit car loans. As you prepare for financing, there a few things you can expect.


Higher Down Payment


Dealerships require a down payment. The amount is usually 20 - 50 percent of the vehicle's sales price. So save up enough money. The more money you put down, the better. For one, it lowers you car payments. Additionally, it shows you're more likely to pay off the loan.


Shorter Loan Term


A car buyer with good credit can finance an auto for up to six years. The same isn't true when your credit is less than perfect. Generally, the maximum term for a bad credit car loan is three years. Keep in mind, the shorter time frame results in higher car notes. So, it's recommended you buy a quality pre-owned vehicle at a lower price point.


Higher Car Payments


The interest rates are higher for bad credit car loans. As a result, your monthly car payments are more. Don't be discouraged. There is a brighter side. Focus on making your payments on time. Over the course of several months, you're establishing a solid payment history. You can then speak with the car dealer and refinance the loan at a lower interest rate. Doing so will reduce your payments.


Different Payment Arrangements


Car buyers with poor credit are often required to pay car notes for more frequently. Say you are paid bi-weekly. The auto dealer may require that you make payment twice a month. For many loan applicants, this payment method is more manageable than paying once-a-month.


There are car dealerships that specialize in bad credit car loans. Consider applying for this financing option. It gives you the chance to rebuild your credit - and drive your dream car.

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