Benefits Of Buying A Used SUV

If you are in the market for purchasing a vehicle, you should consider the option of buying a previously owned one. There are many advantages of buying a used vehicle. In addition, purchasing used SUV's as opposed to purchasing used cars has its benefits as well.




The cost of a brand new vehicle, let alone a sports utility vehicle, can be quite large. The price of SUV's can be significantly larger due to the much larger size, which involves the use of more materials during the manufacturing of the vehicle. Cost also reflects the fact that an SUV can offer you more along the lines of space for storage, passengers, and overall comfort.


The difference in price between a used and new vehicle is hefty. Considering buying a used SUV can allow you more purchasing power as far what type of type of vehicle is best for your individual needs.




With pre-owned certification programs becoming more common, the reliability of a used vehicle has increased. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle gives consumers more comfort and peace of mind. This is because a certified used vehicle will have undergone an extensive checklist, tests, and has to be in accordance with certain guidelines. For example, a certified pre-owned SUV will be free of major damage and cosmetic issues. Certified pre-owned vehicles are usually covered by an extended warranty, comparable to the warranty on a new car.


Depreciation in Value


The value of a brand new car depreciates the very moment it is driven off of the dealership lot. In fact, within the first 2 years, a new car will drop in value by at least 30%. Buying used can avoid this huge depreciation. When buying a used vehicle, take re-sale value into consideration.


Lower Insurance


An overlooked advantage of buying used is the fact that a used vehicle will typically cost less to insure than a new one. This is because a used car value is less than a brand new car value.


Terrains, Cargo Space and Towing


SUV's are built to handle many different terrains. The suspension allows for off-road ability if needed. In addition, cargo space and heavy tow capability are what many consumers need in a vehicle. Buying a used SUV will get you all of the benefits of buying a used vehicle in addition to the advantages a SUV can offer.
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