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Getting Better Gas Mileage Out of Your Car

With gas prices at unheard-of levels with no hint of a decline any time soon, it seems time to out some hints out for saving gas as you drive.

The first technique is known as "hypermiling". There are 2 basic components to hypermiling - conservation of momentum, and low fuel consumption rate.

Let's tackle these individually.

Conservation of Momentum. To achieve this you want to aim for the smoothest ride possible, only hitting the brakes when you have to. Coast up to stop lights or signs, putting it in neutral along the way. Anytime you have some speed, try to maintain it as long as possible without stopping. It's all about using fuel you've already burnt as long as you can. No more foot on the gas until you absolutely have to hit the brakes.

Low Fuel Consumption Rate. This has to do with rpms. Most of you have probably noticed that keeping your rpms low burns less fuel - it's basic mechanics. One of the keys to do that is to accelerate slowly. Acceleration is a particularly fuel intensive moment - not only are rpms likely to be higher, but percentage of fuel combusted is also lower. You've all seen the thick clouds of black soot when a diesel rig gets going? That's unburnt fuel, and your car does the same, although not as noticeably. So accelerate slowly and evenly for greater efficiency.

Another way to keep fuel down is to simply not speed. The key to realize here is that while speed is linear drag is exponential. That means that while 120km/h is only 20% faster than 100km/h, the drag at 120km/h is much greater than a 20% increase of the drag at 100km/h. So the faster you go, higher your fuel consumption rate will be, due to drag.

And hey, it's safer to drive slowly as well.

The final tip is to simply plan your excursions. When gas was cheap it was nothing to pop down to the store to pick up something you forgot when shopping, and over time most people built up a habit of not planning. There was no point to - because if you forgot something it was no big deal to go get it. But all those little trips add up, so these days you'd be better served to write your errands and shopping needs down to avoid extras trips.

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