Reasons to Consider Financing Your Car Through the Dealer

As you're preparing to buy your next car, you're probably considering your financing options. Before you dismiss bad credit car loans or dealership financing, educate yourself on their advantages. When it comes to dealership financing, you and your bank account might be better off going with a car dealership rather than a bank. Here are a few reasons why:


More Options


Searching online on your own for financing is sure to uncover a massive list of options and lenders, but you still might not discover all your choices. Dealers have their own connections and sources, ones you may not even be aware of, ones that could be a better fit for you than the lenders you discovered conducting your own research.


A Win-Win Situation


When you allow a dealership to provide you with financing, there is just as much for that dealership to gain as there is for you to gain. There's additional profit to be earned by the dealership, and it's entirely possible you can net a lower interest rate and a lower payment by financing through the dealership. This also means that dealerships have more of an incentive to help you find the absolute best deal, so you might as well take advantage of this fact.


Financial Peace of Mind


You likely have several financial obligations to juggle throughout the month. Even if you've structured your budget so that you can easily handle a monthly car payment, you're unlikely to argue with having a lower payment and interest rate than you budgeted for. Dealership financing could give you just that, providing you with extra money you can save, invest or spend elsewhere as you so choose.


Don't be so quick to dismiss having a dealership take care of your car financing. Taking a few minutes to see what they have to offer you could open your eyes to saving rather than open your wallet to spending more than you'd like.

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