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Save Money By Understanding Your Used Car

When it comes to saving money on your used car in Windsor, one of the biggest places where you can make an impact is by understanding your car. When you understand how to fix small repairs in your car and when you need to take your car to a shop, you'll not only save money on service, but you'll also have peace of mind.Keep in mind that if your used car in Leamington is covered under your warranty, you should always feel comfortable bringing it into the shop - regardless of whether or not you feel that the issue is a big one or not. We always encourage our customers to be as careful and safe as possible. That being said, it's important to know what you can fix on your own.

Oil Changes

Many of our customers enjoy changing their oil on their own - even when they can bring their car into the shop. You should change your oil once every 3,000 miles, which may be about once every three months, depending on how much you drive your car. We recommend that you speak with one of our mechanics in order to learn how to change your oil on your own. And always make sure that you follow every possible safety precaution.

Listen for Noises

There are many noises in the engine of a car that can be correlated to different things. Some of these noises are normal. Other noises, however, can indicate that something may be going wrong. For example, if you hear a clicking when you turn your wheel, you may have a loose or cracked axel that needs attention. If you hear a squeal, it may be time to change a hose or a belt.

Check the Engine Parts

There are several parts of your engine that you should check regularly to make sure that they are in tip-top shape. By checking your engine regularly, you'll be able to avoid potentially hazardous and costly repairs down the road. For example, you should check your belts regularly by pressing down on them. If they crack or give by more than half an inch, have them checked out by a profession. When you squeeze your belts, they should not be sticky or crack. If they do crack, have them checked out immediately.

By understanding your car and taking small steps to maintain it, you'll be able to save money off of the cost of service. Contact Automaxx, your used car dealer in Windsor today at AutoMaxx Windsor to learn more about our service plans and warranty programs that may also help you save money.

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