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Survival Kit For Your Car

For many of us, our vehicles rarely, if ever, fail us.  If we take care our vehicles with regular maintenance, we can easily log over a hundred thousand miles without an incident.  However, accidents do happen.  Unexpected breakdowns do occur.  When these inconveniences happen, it is important to know what to carry in the car and have car trouble.


Being prepared with a safety kit is the first item you should keep at the ready.  This safety kit should include items such as jumper cables, tools like a screwdriver set and pliers, antifreeze, motor oil, road flares, a flashlight and a first aid kit are required.  Additionally, you should keep several clean rages, an aerosol tire inflator, a first aid kit and duct tape.  These are just the basic necessities of what to carry in the car and have car trouble.  Hopefully, you will never have to use them, but if you do, you will be thankful you did.


If you are planning a long road trip or if you plan to drive in extreme weather conditions, there are some additional items to pack for the trip.  These include an extra pair of clothes, blankets and good winter gloves.  Store candles with matches in a waterproof baggy.  Learn how to use tire chains and keep them in your car.  A towing strap is important, too.  If you do get stuck, you don't know how long it will take for help to come so bring some drinking water and snacks.  A good book will help pass the time.  If you have kids with you, distract them with electronics or cards.


Finally, if you are traveling through the most remote of places, it is wise to keep a survival guide on hand.  Not only will this resource tell you what to carry in the car and have trouble, but it will also help you make it if you are forced to leave your car and head out on foot.


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