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The Top Traits of Exceptional Used Cars

Self-made millionaires share a few qualities in common: they do not live outside of their means, they do not make unnecessary purchases, and they buy used cars. Pre-owned vehicles are ideal for people who need reliable wheels, but do not want to break the bank purchasing them. Here are traits you should look for the next time you go car shopping:


 Honest Assessment of Mileage and Accident History


Just because a car has traveled over 100,000 km does not mean that it is only fit for the scrap heap. Indeed, many modern makes and models can run well past the 100,000 km mark. However, if you encounter a used car salesmen that tries to mislead you about the actual mileage, walk away immediately. If they try to weasel around something so simple they might do the same about the car having been in a serious accident.


Well-Kept Upholstery


How fastidious a previous owner was at keeping the seats and carpets clean is a relatively good indicator of how well they kept other mechanical aspects of the car. It is not a fool-proof test, but it is a good starting point when narrowing your choices down to a narrower selection.


How It Feels Behind the Wheel


Looking at a car's qualities on paper and living with it every day are two totally different experiences. Before you purchase any used car, make sure to take it on a test drive first. You may discover an aspect of the vehicle that you cannot stand or you may discover that you and a car were made for each other.


Affordable Price


Come prepared with some figures about values of cars that are in a similar condition to the car you are interested in. You may discover that some dealers try to sell their cars for much more than they are actually worth. You may also find that good dealers like Auto Maxx are honest with their value assessments.


Using these guidelines as a base, you can browse  and choose from among excellent quality used cars for your next vehicle.
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