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Three Reasons to Buy Used Cars


People love to buy new cars, but used cars are great deals too. Sometimes a used car has more to offer a buyer than the newer models. Even though a new car is exciting, there are three practical reasons why you should consider a used vehicle for your next purchase.It has already been depreciated

They old saying is true. As soon as you drive a new car off of the lot, it drops significantly in value. A new vehicle rapidly depreciates. If you have financed your vehicle and suddenly find that you need to sell it, making up the difference between its value and the amount you owe can be difficult.

Used cars still continue to lose their value as they age, but at a slower and slower rate over time. A car that is a couple of years old is still in great condition. Some even have time left on their warranties. The difference is that the major loss of value through depreciation has already been paid for by the previous owner.

It has been proven

A new car is full of potential problems. Not every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line is in perfect condition. A warranty covers the cost of repairing defects in the manufacturing. New models that exhibit consistent flaws are subject to federal recalls. Car makers do their best to put high quality products on the market, but mistakes happen.

A gently used car that has a couple of years of verifiable history has been proven. Its performance has been tested and found to be reliable. Most defects in the manufacturing process are found within the first few thousand miles of driving. Once your vehicle is broken in, you can rest assured that major systems will continue to function reliably for you.There is more value for your moneyNewer cars always cost more. Even a lightly equipped new vehicle has a high sticker price. Used cars come with all of the options that were installed at the time of manufacturing. It is less expensive to drive a used vehicle that is equipped the way you want it. Options that you may not have been able to afford in a newer model can be found in a used car at a much lower price. While these additional features may not add much to the price of a used vehicle, they still add value to your purchase.


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