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What Does Hassle-Free Car Buying Mean?

You have probably heard the term hassle-free a lot from used car dealerships. It seems the term is throw around with wild abandonment. What exactly does this mean, though? And why do dealerships promote this idea? As a dealer, I can explain it to you so you understand what it means and what it doesn't mean when it comes to buying used cars.


Some people are misled by the idea of hassle-free. It is important to understand up front what this term doesn't mean. It doesn't mean that when you go to the dealership, you will offer to pay a certain price and they will accept without any negotiation. It also doesn't mean that they will approve you to buy a car without asking for any documentation or other proof of income. The price of the vehicle is something that will always need to be negotiated because prices aren't set in stone. Documents are also always going to be needed because we don't want to sell you a car that you can't afford.


What hassle-free does mean, at least when I say it, is that you will not feel pressured to buy or pressured into an agreement that you aren't happy with. I will work with you to find something that works for you. I won't try to get you into a car that you don't like or into a loan you aren't comfortable with. I will help you get the best price and the best loan agreement that I can, so you walk away happy.


The bottom line here is that hassle-free means that I will show you respect. The old days of used car salesmen who pressure you to buy are long gone. Today, we know that helping you find a car you love is much more important that just making a sale.





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