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Why to Buy a Used Car from Our Dealership Rather than a Private Seller

When in the market for a used car, you can either buy from a private seller or a used car dealership. Here are three reasons why you should work with our dealership rather than a private seller.

The most compelling reason to buy used cars from our dealership is reputation. Being in the used car business, our goal is to provide the best service to our customers so that when they are happy with their purchase they will tell their friends and family about us and return to us for their next vehicle. This includes being upfront and honest about the condition of every car we have for sale. A private seller does not have this objective. Often for the private seller, it is a one-time deal and they are simply looking to get rid of the car. They do not have a reputation to uphold.

Another reason to go through our dealership when looking at used cars is that we know cars. When a car comes across our lot that is not in the best condition possible for that car, we get to work fixing it up. Of course we wash, wax and detail the car so that it's nice and shiny, but more importantly we get into the engine and under the car to make sure it is running top notch. Unless the private seller is a mechanic by trade, they will not be able to truly attest to the condition of the car.

Finally, when buying used cars  through our dealership you are getting a full-time car expert who is passionate about helping you find the right vehicle. Rather than scan for days on end looking for something that might work out, we will get to work finding your perfect vehicle.

All three of these reasons for buying used cars through our dealership boil down to the same thing - this is what we do. Let us get to work for you.

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