Winter Service for Car Health

The extreme winter weather conditions put a lot more stress on your car. It's not just salt and snow, but cold temperatures. Get winter service on your vehicle to be ready when you are on the road and prevent major maintenance costs later. 

Your sparkplugs keep your engine operating efficiently with the right mix of fuel and air. They should be checked to ensure your engine is not strained when it needs to be at its peak performance. The fluids in your vehicle can freeze during harsh weather. Make sure all of the fluids are at good levels all winter long, and that you have the right antifreeze mixture for your vehicle. The hoses should be checked for cracks or bulges that will get worse with the harsh weather. Don't forget to check your battery. 

It's important to keep good winter tires on your vehicle. Check the tread depth to have good road grip all winter long when the roads are slick or icy. Tire pressure fluctuates with colder temperatures, so check it regularly during the winter. You may want to consider snow tires or chains if you have a long commute. 

When getting winter service, make sure all of your lights, both internal and external, are operating well. Get new windshield wipers and keep an adequate supply of wiper fluid to increase visibility. It's also a good time to make sure you have at least one ice scraper in your car. It's recommended to keep a blanket, salt or kitty litter, and extra supplies on hand in your car during the winter months. 

Let a skilled technician inspect your car and help you prepare for the months ahead. Winter service on your car will keep it running more efficiently all season long. You can't prevent the harsh weather, but you can make sure you are safe on the road. Take the time to bring your car to a good a mechanic who knows how to take care of your vehicle's needs. 

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